Connecticut Gas Station Renovations

Burnham Building and Remodeling LLC renovates gas stations and understands the strategy behind optimizing a stores selling potential. 

Our construction services regularly include Gas Station Renovations and Remodeling, C-Store or Convenience Renovations and Remodeling, and other related commercial renovations in the State of Connecticut.

In a gas station or convenience store, there are several important factors your contractor must consider during the renovation or remodel.
            1.  Size and cleanliness.  Today’s Convenience Store’s are open, bright, colorful and clean snack shops where motorists can conveniently stop in, use the restrooms, grab a cup of hot coffee, pick up cigarettes and get on the go as fast as they came in.  Customers should have a feeling of openness and not feel crammed into a tiny store.  As a contractor specializing in C-Store rehabilitation, we seek ways to maximize the square footage of your gas station.  This may mean shrinking the size of you utility room and putting the furnace up into the ceiling.  -Or perhaps adding an addition, or eliminating large closet space.

            2.  Storefronts.  Modern Gas Stations have all glass fronts to them.  The windows go from the floor to the ceiling and are spaced one right after the next.  This adds several positive improvements to the C-Store.  One, it gives a feeling of openness within the store by allowing as much natural light in as possible.  Secondly, it attracts consumers during the evening hours when it is dark outside.  Customers driving by will see bright lights displaying colorful snacks and goodies and decide to stop in.  Thirdly, glass storefronts offer a sense of security to people, that the place is well lit, open and safe.  Burglars do not wish to rob a store where everyone can watch them commit a crime.

            3.   Every inch counts.  The more different products you sell, the more likely someone will enter your store and become a regular customer.  Diversification is essential and when displaying your items with promotional advertisements, the more adds and the less wall means the greater your chances at catching a passer-buyer’s attention.  Your C-Store Contractor should offer solutions to make all areas of the store well lit and well put together.

            4.  Health Standards and Accommodations.  Consumers expect cleanliness and sanitary facilities.  Plus your C-Store is regularly inspected by the City Health Department and when pulling a permit to renovate your gas station, other City inspectors (building, planning and zoning, fire, etc.) will also be making their rounds.  You bathroom should be handicap accessible.  Your coffee stations and food prep areas need to have a sink on the same counter even if you have another sink ten feet away.  Also the Fire Marshall may require you to have a separate exit, closers on all your doors, and fire rated building materials.  Be sure your contractor is aware of these pertinent issues before he completes his work and fails to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy from the City Departments.

            Renovating an out-of-date service station can be the difference between a bustling store that everyone uses and another hole in the wall.  Remember that all successful gas station remodels start with a carefully laid out plan.  This way, you and your contractor can visualize all aspects of the project and maximize its potential. 
            For renovation ideas, to meet an architect or designer, or begin your project, contact the offices of Burnham Building and Remodeling.  (860) 282-7107