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“The greatest reward I get as a builder today is visiting one of our past clients.  Four year old Ryan, he was just a little guy when we begun the 1100 square foot In-Law addition on his family’s home two years ago.  I laugh every time he runs to greet us, sliding across the harwood bamboo floors in his socks, grabbing for dear life onto the doorknob before narrowly missing the wall beside him.  He’s just itching to show us his new tool belt or how he helped his dad install new trimwork on the older part of the house.   Seeing a family live in one of our projects is as special as building it.” – Rob Burnham

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Camp Hioti Restoration

Camp Hihoti is owned and operated by Hartford Neighborhood Centers and is located in Hebron Connecticut.  This 300 acre camp, overlooking a picturesque pond and brook is laden with hiking trails, sleeping cabins and an enormous swimming pool.  After vandals broke into the camp this last April and broke nearly 60 windows, drove a lawn tractor into a swimming pool and stole off with several Olde Town Canoes, Hartford Neighborhood Center CEO, Lynn Ford called in the help of Burnham Building LLC to put the place back together again before the camp opens for the summer. 


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Receiving an estimate is easy . It all starts with a phone call. Owner Rob Burnham will schedule a time to come out to your home to explore the options surrounding your project.  After approximately one to two weeks from the initial visit, Rob will provide a detailed estimate to complete your desired project. 
Burnham Building’s estimates are all customized to your specific home and itemize all the different cost breakdowns so that you as a homeowner can pick and choose the parts of the project you wish to complete and those you may wish to leave out

When you are ready, we will provide you with a contract detailing the entire scope of your project and payment arrangements.  Within days, we will be at your doorstep, ready to begin.  Its that easy!

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